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We have been providing regular lawn maintenance and landscaping services in Bremerton, WA for the past 7 years and because it’s our passion we offer full service care at competitive prices. We want to be your lawn and landscape service provider and we will prove it to you by making sure we’re the best. Your complete satisfaction means everything to us.

LandscaperAll properties will surely benefit from the improved visual appeal and appreciated value that well-maintained landscapes offer. We can work with your existing landscape or completely change it over to something more to your liking. Is your landscape the way the builder left it—the same as all the rest in the neighborhood? Would you rather have different look accented with beautiful trees, flagstone patios and beauty bark? Or would you prefer to be surrounded by a drought tolerant landscape of creative rock groundcover and a variety of succulents? Would you like to incorporate stone paver walkways, beauty bar or beauty bar? Whatever your preference, Jose’s Landscaping has the experience and the know-how to make it a reality.

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We are in tune to the local climate changes and have experience combined with intuition about what varieties of plants grow well and should be used together for optimum health and beauty in certain areas. We provide scheduled lawn maintenance as well as plant-specific and seasonal maintenance for all landscaping services. And if your landscape requirements change, we will change our plan of service to meet your wishes as well. These are just a few of the services we provide. If it has to do with your lawn or landscape we can do it, just ask!

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